Cioccolatitaliani wants to spread the art of Chocology, or the art of mixing the best chocolate with our main products which are ice cream, pastry and coffee.

Indulge in our wide selection of Joy


Our cones

If you have searched in vain for a joy for a very long time, it means that you have not known the Gioia of Cioccolatitaliani: a crunchy cone with melted chocolate inside. Not a joy, a miracle!


The pancakes

For a snack with friends, for moments when you are not in a hurry, for slow days. Our pancakes are made according to the original American recipe and, combined with our Cacao Fino de Aroma, they will  become your sweetest obsession.



For those like you many who don’t like simple and obvious things, but always need something new. Forget the classic coffeeCioccolatitaliani also offers the Cioccolattato.